2021年5月28日 星期五

英文作文練習 - Taiwan

 Taiwan, also referred to as Formosa, is a beautiful island in the Western Pacific. It is approximately 395 kilometers long and 144 kilometers wide. The Tropic of Cancer, which runs through 16 countries, also passes through Taiwan, dividing the island into two climates: subtropical in the north and tropical in the south. Taiwan is the home of about 23 million people. There are 6 special municipalities in the main island of Taiwan, including Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

2021年5月26日 星期三

英文作文練習 - Cyberbullying

 Back in the days, bullying was only confined in areas like schools and playgrounds where you have face-to-face contact with other people. Nevertheless, with the growth of technology, a new kind of bullying has appeared – cyberbullying.

2021年5月24日 星期一



2021年5月21日 星期五