2020年7月16日 星期四

全民英檢寫作練習 第五回中翻英


 In recent days, the number of people getting the flu virus was increasing.  According to suggestions from the experts, we should wear masks in anytime and reduce the chances of going to public places.  However, people start to care about health after they got viruses or caught a cold.  Hence, even though we already made every necessary steps, we still can't ignore the damages which a flu can give us.

2020年7月13日 星期一

全民英檢寫作練習 第四回中翻英


What habits do you have? Eating eggs in the morning? Eating lunch box? Eating dinner at home? Everyone grew habits before we know it, but it is difficult for us to change our habits. If your habits influences other people, you will have to change it.

2020年7月9日 星期四

全民英檢寫作練習 第三回


When it comes to sports, I like basketball more than other ball games. Although I have been playing basketball for ten years, I am still a big fan of basketball. In the past, I used to spend a lot of time practicing basketball. I also wanted basketball to be my forever job. Unfortunately, I hurt my back in a match. I can't play serious matches after that. Anyway, I still play basketball in my spare time, and continue my basketball dream.

2020年7月6日 星期一

全民英檢寫作練習 第二回中翻英


In Taiwan, the summer is hot and humid. Diseases can easily spread out. Many people like to go out in the summer, so food hygiene becomes important. Wash your hands clearly regularly is a good way to protect ourselves. If you felt uncomfortable, you have to stay home for some rest, and avoid going to public places. If you are sick, go to the doctor as soon as possible to get well treatments. 

2020年7月5日 星期日

全民英檢寫作練習 第一回


The winter has come. The weather began to be cooler and cooler. I found out that it was difficult for me to wake up early. To avoid being late for school, my younger brother gave me an advice last week: to use two clocks to wake me up. I decided to do an immediate action. I invited my friend Penny to go to the department store for a new clock with me. In addition, Penny taught me the most effective and cheapest way : Let the natural clock "mother" to help me out.