2022年6月11日 星期六

【英語短文】The Importance of Physical Activity in a Healthy Lifestyle

Regular physical activity is one of the most important habits of remaining healthy, and it has a few benefits. Firstly, one can lose weight if one exercises regularly. Maintaining a healthy weight then reduces one’s risk of diabetes and some cardiovascular diseases. In addition, some physical activities like weight-lifting helps strengthen one’s muscles and bones. Keeping one’s bones and joints healthy becomes increasingly essential when one starts aging. Last but not the least, exercising surprisingly benefits one’s brain, too. Regular physical activity not only reduces depression and anxiety, but also sharpens one’s thinking and judgement skills. To conclude, exercising is significant for a healthy lifestyle in that it profits one’s health in a few different aspects.

Possible Factors of BTS's Great Success (part 1)

So how exactly did they cross the language and culture barrier and become so popular worldwide? Today, I’m going to point out two aspects. 

The Start and Rising of BTS

When BTS just debuted in 2013, their agency, Bighit, wasn’t a very well known or rich company. (The three big agencies in Korea were SM, JYP, YG) So the agency couldn’t provide them with so many resources or opportunities to go on shows like the other groups. (In the beginning, they even had to go on the streets to promote their own concerts in person.) They were originally going to be a hip hop group similar to another group in the YG Entertainment, but Bang Si-hyunk, the CEO of Bighit, decided to make an idol group that can ignore the restrictions that Kpop was known for, and make socially conscious music.

What is Kpop?

The Korean wave, also known as Hallyu, means the rising popularity of Korean movies, dramas, music, fashion, and foods…etc. Hallyu has already been building for the last few decades, but among them, Korean pop music has become the most significantly popular recently. Most Kpop fans were only in Korea and a few other Asian countries back in 2010, but now, Kpop has gradually become a global phenomenon. Take “Gangnam Style” as an example, this song from the solo artist PSY, 2012, went super viral all around the world. Its music video even broke the upper limit of YouTube’s views, forcing YouTube to upgrade its system.