2019年11月23日 星期六

《True Flix》The Civil War

The Civil War is the war between Americans and Americans - the South and the North.
The south of America grew and exported cotton. They purchased goods from Europe and the north. Because they grew cotton, so they needed slaves. Most northern states did not allow slaves.

2019年11月22日 星期五

2019美國行 - 加州遊

第九天 南瓜農場、好萊塢


2019年11月15日 星期五

《True Flix》The Solar System

We all live on Earth, but do you know “where” is the Earth?

Our Earth is in the Solar System in Universe. The solar system is made up of many planets, asteroids, and comets surrounding the sun.

2019年11月8日 星期五

《True Flix》The Ancient Greece

The Ancient Greeks were amazing.

The first civilization began about three thousand and seven hundred years ago.

2019年11月5日 星期二

How did I start to play Pokemon Go

I really love to play the game Pokemon Go.
I didn’t start to play this game when it was released. I started to play this game few years after it was released. And that was because I watched a Pokemon cartoon.