2021年9月29日 星期三

英文作文練習 - The Scientific Method

The scientific method helps people to find answers to their questions about the world. It includes six steps, and all of them are significant. Observing and asking a question are the first step. The next step is to find data that might help to answer the question. Then, people make a hypothesis based on what they observed and the data they collected. The fourth step is designing an experiment to test the hypothesis. Next, analyze data from the experiment. Drawing a conclusion is the sixth part of the scientific method. Last but not the least, if the conclusion matches the hypothesis, people can share the results with other people. If not, they have to make a new hypothesis and design a new experiment again. The scientific method, which includes the steps mentioned above, is a great access to knowing more about the world.

英文作文練習 - The Way to Remove Prejudices of Our Thinking

    People always try to be right, rather than try to find what is really right. One way of helping people to get out of this limit is to use the scientific method. The scientific method includes observing, collecting data, making a hypothesis, designing an experiment, analyzing data, and drawing a conclusion. This is a great tool to find out the truth.

2021年9月12日 星期日

英文作文練習 - The Importance of Understanding Diversity

    Understanding diversity and respecting others’ differences with us are definitely important tasks of building strong relationships and trust. There are different kinds of diversity, such as religion, language, nationality, age, and gender. Without understanding and respecting them, people can encounter difficulties. Take language as an example, not being able to communicate instantly and well, people might face problems about not trusting each other. Moreover, people might look down on others just because of their gender, age, or nationality.