2020年3月12日 星期四

New Zealand - Parasailing

Wow!! We are going to fly up on the lake!!

Hello! I am Coco. I went to New Zealand this year, and I am going to share my experience in Queens Town to you.
Today, we are going to talk about this activity – Parasailing

We will sit on a boat and drive to the middle of the lake. Then the staffs will hang us on a equipment like the photo shows. It can carry up to three people.
The red stuff at the right side is the machine which can control the rope. It releases the rope gradually.

The staffs controls the machine and……Look! We are flying!!

Wow, it is far, far, far away now!! It feels really comfortable up there!

You can take some awesome photos and sing as loud as you want up there!

We can stay in the air for ten to twelve minutes, then we will be pulled back by the rope.

You can enjoy the view while flying. It is really a great experience.

The staff is controlling the machine and……we are back! Just stand up, you are back to the boat.

It feels really comfortable up there. It doesn’t shake a lot.

I really like this Paragliding. It is a awesome experience.

That its! See you next time!! Bye!