2020年7月9日 星期四

全民英檢寫作練習 第三回


When it comes to sports, I like basketball more than other ball games. Although I have been playing basketball for ten years, I am still a big fan of basketball. In the past, I used to spend a lot of time practicing basketball. I also wanted basketball to be my forever job. Unfortunately, I hurt my back in a match. I can't play serious matches after that. Anyway, I still play basketball in my spare time, and continue my basketball dream.


Dear VegiFresh Supermarket:

I am a costumer that went to your supermarket this morning. I think there are some places that you must change.

First of all, I need to say I don't like the way you treat the costumers at all. The attitude the staffs gave to the costumers were awful!

In addition, your fruits were not fresh! The sign next to the fruits wrote "The Freshest Fruit in the Whole Country", but the fruits were not fresh at all! This is the part I am

really angry about. I believed the fruits will be yummy! When I try to eat them, I was really disappointed! You need to change this!

These are the things that I think the supermarket should change. I hope when I went there next time, it would be better. I would want some fruits or discount for my next

visiting, too. Staffs need to change their attitude, and fruits need to be fresh!

                                                                                   best regards,