2020年7月5日 星期日

全民英檢寫作練習 第一回


The winter has come. The weather began to be cooler and cooler. I found out that it was difficult for me to wake up early. To avoid being late for school, my younger brother gave me an advice last week: to use two clocks to wake me up. I decided to do an immediate action. I invited my friend Penny to go to the department store for a new clock with me. In addition, Penny taught me the most effective and cheapest way : Let the natural clock "mother" to help me out.


Nowadays, technology is a very important part of our lives. People improve different technology everyday very quickly. The invention of the Artificial Intelligence is a very important step of technology. The robot can do many things just like humans. This seems great, but will robot take away our jobs one day? If they can do everything that we can do, will they become "us" someday? We made these robots, but they can become smarter than every of us. They can learn different things from different people, and become the smartest on Earth. Some people thinks that robots are very convenient. Some people think that robots will never be like humans, because we are the ones who made them. I think robots are convenient, but I will say that robots can be smarter than us. So-called "Green comes from blue but excels it."