2022年1月25日 星期二

I Made My Own Cake

    Hi everyone, this is 2022-version-of-Coco! I didn't update anything recently (I just checked, the latest article was posted in October 2021), very sorry about that. Today’s topic is a baking activity I did last week with my classmates. We went here: 自己做 烘焙聚樂部 
    I chose to make the Oreo cake since I wanted to have both chocolate and cheesecake (and I don’t have to use the oven!). There were many baking equipment and ingredients (which I can’t name one by one) available in the store. Everyone gets a tablet computer which shows the steps. I collected the ingredients needed according to the tablet computer and mixed them following the steps. After some complicated steps (to me, but after looking at the others’ ones, I found that mine was actually quite easy), I finally got my cake and cream ready for decoration. It turned out that I am really bad at decorating, and the cake just looked weird (I’m not going to post the cake's photo!). But anyway I felt relaxed after finishing, I put the cake in the refrigerator and went to wash the equipment I used. Since I finished my cake a bit earlier than others, I went around and helped my classmates (maybe actually messing up their cakes….). After all, it was a really interesting experience. The cake was actually kind of tasty (= very sweet). I asked another friend to go with me again, hope that it’ll also be fun!