2022年6月11日 星期六

Possible Factors of BTS's Great Success (part 1)

So how exactly did they cross the language and culture barrier and become so popular worldwide? Today, I’m going to point out two aspects. 

To begin with, every BTS’s stages are strong and powerful. Unlike the pop music artists outside of South Korea, Kpop groups have such difficult and strong choreographies. BTS, among them, has even harder and more impressive stages than the others. They make all-out efforts and do the best they can in every performance. (Since they’re always super exhausted after performing, they even have to bring the oxygen cylinder with them during performing tours.) 

Moreover, when one first gets attracted by their catchy rhythms and impressive stages, one’ll also find their lyrics interesting and meaningful. Most of BTS's output is written and produced by themselves. Their lyrics, often related to famous literature or psychological concepts, have a wide range of genres, from the troubles of teenagers, to the journey towards loving oneself. Take their debut song, “No More Dream”, as an example, the song talks about the “dream” of students and young adults. One part of the lyrics goes like this : “Go your own way. Even if you live a day. Do something. Put weakness away.” Another instance is their very popular song, Idol, which is included in one of their “Love yourself” albums. The main lyrics and concept is “You can’t stop me lovin’ myself.” 

The next post will be about the other two possible explanations of BTS’s great popularity globally. 💜