2019年6月5日 星期三

《English class notes》Different notebooks

This class is about different notebooks. These are my notes.

- Laptops are little computer. It is more portable then a computer.

- Netbooks are same with a laptop, but it is smaller. The screen were only 10 to 12 inch

- Chrome-books also looks like mini-laptops. People choose chrome books because they are portable and inexpensive.

- “Bulky” means something big and awkward.
- “Lug” means to carry something big or heavy.
- “Gadget”  means a device that is very useful for a particular job.

Practice talking

Good afternoon, can I help you?
Yes, I’m interest of one of the mini laptops, but I am not sure which one to buy.
Well, what do you need it for? 
I need it for typing essays on Microsoft word, and use email and Facebook.
OK. I think a netbook will be a good option for you.