2020年9月24日 星期四

Problem and Solutions of Aging 英文作文練習

The population of elder people is increasing. The elderly need more attention and resources than us. Elder people are not as healthy as the younger people, and they cannot do so many things as us, either. In my point of view, however, it does not mean that the elderly are useless people. There  are still ways that the elderly can devote to the society, such as doing volunteer work in the museum after their retirement.  Keeping on engaging to the society can make the elderly  feel less bored, and they can also make some new friends. In the meanwhile, they will not become the heavy burden in our current life.

When it comes to preparing for old age, we have to stay healthy and keep on learning. If we are healthy all the time, we can still do the things which younger people can do. When we exercise regularly, we can do aerobics and weight training to keep our body in good shape. In this way, we can physically be able to meet many challenges. In addition, Elder people can have the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when they learn something new, such as a musical instrument or a foreign language. We can also take a sum of money in our middle-age, and we can save the money for some medical  insurance. To sum up, keeping healthy and learning new stuffs are very important for us, and for our future.