2021年3月25日 星期四

英文作文練習 - Why did biking become popular?

Biking has grown in popularity in recent years. There are always many cyclists on the bike path and in the parks riding their bicycles. In my point of view, there are particularly three main reasons that can explain why biking has become a popular pastime

First of all, biking is an awesome type of aerobic exercise. It can make your cardiovascular health better and help you build a stronger muscle. Moreover, biking is easy to learn and is joyful to do. Riding the bike to different spots is one of my favorite exercises.

Secondly, biking outdoors is very relaxing and it is a great leisure activity. People can feel the wind, enjoy the speed, exercise and move to another spot at the same time when they ride the bikes.

Lastly, people who enjoy riding bikes can also make friends with ones who also like it. They can go out biking and have a fantastic time riding their bikes.

On the whole, biking is undoubtedly an enjoyable and superb leisure activity in that everyone can enjoy without too many special skills.