2021年9月12日 星期日

英文作文練習 - The Importance of Understanding Diversity

    Understanding diversity and respecting others’ differences with us are definitely important tasks of building strong relationships and trust. There are different kinds of diversity, such as religion, language, nationality, age, and gender. Without understanding and respecting them, people can encounter difficulties. Take language as an example, not being able to communicate instantly and well, people might face problems about not trusting each other. Moreover, people might look down on others just because of their gender, age, or nationality.
    Not only do individuals have to learn to accept diversity, but also bigger organizations or countries. Companies should not fire employees just because of the employees' differences from others, such as their skin color. In addition, all people are made equal, so countries should not put residents in different levels and judge them by the levels.
    By way of conclusion, accepting and understanding the diversity in the world are significant and essential to build better relationships and trust. Both individuals and organizations have to do this well.