2021年9月29日 星期三

英文作文練習 - The Way to Remove Prejudices of Our Thinking

    People always try to be right, rather than try to find what is really right. One way of helping people to get out of this limit is to use the scientific method. The scientific method includes observing, collecting data, making a hypothesis, designing an experiment, analyzing data, and drawing a conclusion. This is a great tool to find out the truth.

    However, there are still some other obstacles that might get in our path of finding the truth and thinking objectively. People always have bias when thinking. For instance, people might think that a restaurant has good service and good food because of the crowd in front of the restaurant. Yet, it might not be the truth but just our self-conclusion of similar situations.
    In conclusion, using the scientific method might be a way to answer questions; nevertheless, there is still a long journey to finding the truth, and the only way that can let people succeed in this is to further our understanding of the bias and prejudices of our thinking.