2019年4月21日 星期日

Mountain Ali trip - 2

It is the second day of our Mountain Ali trip. I woke up at 7:30. We ate breakfast at the outside of the hotel. I ate some rice, some toast, and some vegetable.

This morning, it was raining. We could not go mountain hiking. We didn’t have other plans, so we stayed at the hotel until we knew where we should go.

Our plan was to go to a place called Hinoki Village. There were some Japanese old-style dormitories. They were transformed to shops. When we arrived, it was about 12am.

We ate some pressed tofu burger for lunch. Then we went to visit all the shops. I liked a shop with many combs in it. We tried and found those combs were very useful. They made my hair become smooth.

I watched movie after going home. I were going to watch Avenger 4. I reviewed many Marvel movies again.

This is my Mountain Ali trip. Bye~