2019年4月20日 星期六

Mountain Ali trip

Today I went to Mountain Ali.We drove for over 1 hour.And we are going to stay in Mountain Ali for two days. 

When we arrived, we went to the hotel to put our packages. Then we went to “Fen chi hu” . There were some old-style steam trains. We ran on the train trail, and we played like I were chasing a train.

We ate dinner there. I was really tired because I ran all day long. When we ate dinner, there was a cat beside me. It was asking for some food in a weak cry. I gave it some food. When we finished dinner, we gave it some rice. Then we ran away, because we were afraid that it would ask for more. We bought some fruit in the market, and then we went back to the hotel.

I took a shower, and then I watched cartoons. It was a day that made me feel tired.

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