2020年8月12日 星期三

全民英檢寫作練習 第七回


 At 4:50 on Sunday afternoon, October 21, 2018. When  Taiwan railways 6432 which carried more than 366 passengers went through the station of Yilan, ran out of the railroad in a very high speed. Five carriages turned 90 degrees. There were 18 died and more than 200 was hurt in this accident. It is the most severe train accident in Taiwan for 27 years.


Dear Kellie:

It was such a fantastic week last week! We really enjoy everything there. Thank you for inviting us to Australia. Australia was a beautiful and lovely place! Thank you for bringing us to different places and celebrate the special day with us. We love the food and animals there, Australia was such a nice place for animals! We hope to go there again. We will also want to invite you to our new home in Taiwan!

                                Best Regards

                                                                        Rita & Sam