2020年8月14日 星期五

全民英檢寫作練習 第八回


More and more parents want their children to study abroad in junior high whatever it coast these days. Along the growth of economy,  many companies and organizations seriously focus on the experiences abroad. However, many experts were worried about this kind of thought because the earlier children leave their family,  children would feel the long distance between them and family. Hence, it is very important for parents to consider if this child fit for leaving home earlier.


Do you have a cell phone? I think many answers are "Yes". Cell phone is almost the most important thing in our lives now. If you walk on the street, you will definitely see someone walking with their eves on their cell phone. This is really dangerous, but many people do that! People who always have their eyes one the cell phone are called a "Cellphone Zombie". For me, I don't have a cell phone myself, but I love to play video games. I know this is quite bad for a student who should learn, but sometimes bring some happiness in my study time is a great thing. I don't think we should be like a "Cellphone Zombie". I think playing video games in a right amount will be fine.