2020年8月11日 星期二

全民英檢寫作練習 第六回


It is said that women have more ability in working in two different projects at the same time than men. Out of curiosity, I started to observe what my parents do at home. I found out that my father usually lays on the sofa and  watches the TV after work. On the other hand, my mom, even she had been through a busy day, still prepares our dinner, help us clean our room and do the laundry. In fact, there aren't any close path of doing things well. The best way is to do the work whole - heartedly.


Dear Janet:

I am Peter, a staff at VegiFresh Supermarket. I saw your letter yesterday. I am so sorry about the terrible experience. I swear that we would change our attitude. I will also check the freshness of the fruits everyday. If you can give us one more chance, I promise that I will give you a discount next time as a apology. You can also get a pineapple and an apple for free because that the fruits you bought wasn't fresh last time. I hope you can give us one more chance. We will be very appreciate about it. Thank you for your letter.

                            Best Regards