2019年5月7日 星期二

How to build a bridge?

Today I want to tell everyone about “Bridge”. There are three main types of bridges, the Beam Bridge, the Arch Bridge, and the Suspension Bridge. The newest one is the Suspension Bridge. There are many cables on this kind of bridge.

The Greeks and Romans began to build Arch Bridges. So there were many old Arch Bridges. Romans built many aqueducts to transport water. The Suspension Bridges are used for a long distance. And the Beam Bridge are often used for short distance.

If you want to build a bridge, you need to identify the right place to build a bridge in the beginning. Second, you have to calculate the length of the bridge. Third, you determine what kind of bridge is needed. Fourth, you make a computer model of the bridge. Fifth, you begin digging to place supports. Finally you can build the bridge!

I also build bridge in video games. However, the game is quite difficult for me. Maybe I will try some more in the future.