2019年5月15日 星期三

【Idioms】Use your noodle!!

I learned some Idioms with food. Today I want to tell everyone about them.

If you hear “bad egg”, it means that a person always causes problems. For example: Andy is a bad egg. He always took something from other children.

“Apple of someone’s eye” means being loved very much by someone. For example: The baby is the apple of her mother’s eye. She loves the baby so much.

“Big cheese” means an important and powerful person in organization. Big cheese is usually used in a humorous way. For example: She is the big cheese of her group of friend.

“It’s cheesy” means cheap and not of good quality. For example: This song is cheesy! 
I don’t like it at all.

“Be full of beans” means to be very eager and full of energy. For example: I was full of beans after eating French fries.

“A piece of cake” means something that is really easy to do. For example: This test is a piece of cake to me. It is very easy.

“Sell like hotcakes” means when something is sold very fast. There is nothing really called “Hotcake”. It just means that everyone like cakes, and want cakes so much. For example: The movie Avengers 4 sells like hotcakes.

“Use your noodle” mean to use your brain and think. For example: This math test is easy!! Use your noodle!!

“Cool as a cucumber” means acting very calm and relaxed. For example: I was terrified of flying, but my friend was as cool as a cucumber during the whole flight.

This is what I know about idioms with food. Bye!