2019年11月5日 星期二

How did I start to play Pokemon Go

I really love to play the game Pokemon Go.
I didn’t start to play this game when it was released. I started to play this game few years after it was released. And that was because I watched a Pokemon cartoon.

I loved it because the pokemons were so cute, so I began to play this game.
I caught ninety pokemons at the first day I played Pokemon Go. I was very happy because I caught some Eevee and Jiggly Puff.
On the second day, I didn’t catch many pokemons, but I did catch some new ones.
I was happy about that I caught Pikachu on the third day.
I played Pokemon in the weekend and when my mother and I went out for a walk. At the same time, I hatched many eggs. I hatched Charmander, Sneasel, Tauros, Bagon and many other pokemons.
I battled with Team Rocket. I won a few times, but sometimes I lost.
I evolved some of them many days after my start. I evolved Growlithe to Arcanine, Houndour to Houndoom, Gastly to Haunter, Turtwig to Grotle, etc. I loved my Arcanine, because it was the best pokemon in all my pokemons so far. 
I was really happy because I evolved Eevee to Jolteon. Hopefully, my next Eevee could evolve to Flareon, Umbreon, Leafeon, or Glaceon. 
I evolved Dratini to Dragonair. I guessed I could evolved it to Dragonite weeks later! I was excited about what was going to happen. I evolved Kirlia from Ralts. I decided I would choose Kirlia to be my partner and try to evolve it to Gardevoir or Gallade(because my Kirlia was a boy) after Dragonair evolved to Dragonite. 
Sometimes I went to the pokemon gym to battle. I could defeat some pokemons, but I couldn’t be the guardian of the gym.
When I went to America, I caught a Herdier, I was very happy, because I didn’t have this pokemon before.
If you travel a lot, it really could make you catch more kinds of pokemons.
There were many Vulpix in Utah and Los Angles. I guessed it was because the sunshine was strong there, and Vulpix was a fire type pokemon.
I hope to evolve, catch, hatch more pokemons. If you have some pokemon stuffs to share, leave a message below. See you!