2019年11月8日 星期五

《True Flix》The Ancient Greece

The Ancient Greeks were amazing.

The first civilization began about three thousand and seven hundred years ago.

More and more people lived here, and they formed city-states. They thought of ways about how to live together. They formed different governments. Tyranny, oligarchies, democracies were their creation.

Olympic gods were their creation, too. Each of the gods was responsible for different things. They could control water, fire, thunder, and many other natural phenomenons. Interestingly, Olympic gods behaved like humans.

Some actors would act on the stage in festival honoring gods for three days.

In ancient Greek, scholars started to learn about circle, square, and triangle. They did math!!

There was a great king called Alexander the great. He conquered Persian, Egypt, and part of India. After he died, Greece was not that strong anymore. Therefore, Rome took full control of the place about two thousand one hundred years ago, which was the end of the ancient Greek.