2019年11月15日 星期五

《True Flix》The Solar System

We all live on Earth, but do you know “where” is the Earth?

Our Earth is in the Solar System in Universe. The solar system is made up of many planets, asteroids, and comets surrounding the sun.

The sun is so heavy that it creates magnificent gravity, which can draw planets circling in orbit. The sun is so big that it could fit one million Earths inside.

There are eight planets in the solar system, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, respectively. They are divided into the inner planets and the outer planets.

The inner planets are closer to the sun. They are smaller and hotter than the outer planets. They are made of rocks, and they have atmosphere.
On the contrary, the outer planets are made of gas. They have a “belt” which is made of ice and dust. The biggest planet in the solar system is Jupiter. It can fit one thousand Earths in it!

The space is full of fun. There are still so many things waiting for us to explore.